"Do you think because you touched me you know me? You're just a boy and I have galaxies growing inside me."

y’all should be more like Noodles

y’all should be more like Noodles

some people on tumblr are the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever seen

at first everyone was obsessed with the whole “cigarette metaphor” thing and now you’re all against it

I agree that it is totally inappropriate for that scene and it’s literal meaning is off, but I’m starting to think you all just love to hate on everything no matter what it is


mom that cigarette pack you found in my bag??? its a metaphor



Lifehack: Accidentally text the wrong person? Immediately put your phone on airplane mode and once it fails to deliver, delete the message.

This can save lives


Eh, I don’t like when people be like “black girls watch out cause white girls getting booty these days” cause to a black girl’s ears it kinda sounds like “watch out because your only value is your fetishized body and once that’s gone you’ll truly be worthless”


the dude who pulls out a cigarette in front of a girl with lung cancer and then acts like sir dickweed mcfucklamp when she doesn’t understand the worst metaphor on earth seems to be tumblr’s newest squeeze


*watches bloody violent video on the internet*


*sees girl mention her period*

"omg dats so gross i dun wanna hear bout yer bloody shit i think im gonna fukkin thro up ya nasty bitch"

You work hard making independent films for fourteen years and you get voted “best breasts”.

Scarlett Johansson (via moonbrains)

Her work and performance as an actor is extremely underrated. The media mainly recognizes her for her appearance, it makes me want to want to strangle the media people and reporters who’ve sexualized her image. The fact that people think this is okay and acceptable, and even funny is just degrading and flat out makes a person feel like a joke. Great to know that she’s been working hard at improving her skills and abilities to give her best performance in each film, just to be bottled down to nothing. So thank you to the media for further fueling society to completely disregard her work, and show no respect whatsoever. I wonder when the day where a female actor, specifically an attractive one, will be taken seriously instead of being shoved under the “sex sells” image..because I know this woman did not work her ass off to be recognized as best tits. 


Robyn needs to calm the fuck down


Robyn needs to calm the fuck down